Learn how to unify your financial data in 2 minutes & all our other features.

Give yourself superpowers

How are they using Venice?

  • Startups: Use Venice to collect customer-permissioned data to make informed decisions faster on underwriting & credit worthiness, aggregate financial data, and automate accounting for your customers.

  • Developers: Use Venice to connect financial data to their apps to provide financial insights to their users and build financial tools such as budgeting and forecasting apps, custom analysis scripts, and personal finance apps.

  • Financial analysts and data scientists: Use Venice to connect all their financial data from various institutions into a unified data schema. With Venice, they can easily analyze a company’s revenue, invoices, and fiscal performance, and make data-driven decisions.

Powerful ways to use Venice

Unified API for apps & scripts

Build internal tools & scripts using Venice’s unified database to do the data aggregation work for you

Venice is the backend for finance. Let us build your B2B integrations, so you can launch faster or even build the next Mint.com in a weekend. With raw access to Venice’s financial database, developers can easily integrate rich financial data into your apps, giving you back months of time to focus on de-risking your startup & building user-friendly interfaces and features.

Venice works great whether you have years of coding experience or you’re using no-code platforms (Bubble, Glide, Retool) to build the next billion dollar company or internal team tool.

Simple things should be simple, but complex things should be possible.

Never want to touch code? We support that. Want to dive deep into GraphQL or add a custom pipeline into or out of Venice? We also support (& encourage) that!

Let us handle the hard data engineering & complexity of sync pipelines across thousands of financial institutions and data sources. We’re here to give you & your customers superpowers and make manual data entry a thing of the past. Your customer’s data will always be unified, standardized, and up-to-date.

Here’s what others are building with Venice:

  • Startups save themselves months of work by using Venice’s built-in integrations to Plaid and other data sources
  • Underwriting analysis & credit worthiness
  • Data science reports & analysis, without the manual copy/pasting
  • Financial reports using custom Python scripts
  • Internal team expense & forecasting apps
  • Personal finance apps (build your own Mint.com in a weekend!)
  • Internal team dashboards

Customize and extend

Data source not supported? Teach Venice new things, or customize existing integrations.

Venice is engineered from the ground up to be flexible and extensible. Regardless of where the data currently is or where you want to move it to, Venice is there to make it possible with Integrations.

Want something custom? Reach out to our support team (hi@venice.is) and we’re happy to provide a quote, or roll up your sleeves and contribute to ever-expanding set of open source integrations. With Venice, the sky is the limit.