Learn about all the ways people use Venice to give themselves superpowers in our Use Cases.

Financial data, fast

Easily connect to thousands of financial institutions to automatically or manually sync data into Venice.

Regardless of where your financial data lives, Venice can help you access it, unify it, standardize it, and pipe it to where you need it most.

We currently work with Plaid, but are building integrations with Stripe, Quickbooks, NetSuite, and many others… so you don’t have to!

Save yourself the copy/paste woes, and trust your data again.


Your data, your way. Send financial data from A to B, fast.

Ingest, normalize, and unify your data

Startups: We get it, you need financial data without the risk. We’re here to handle the undifferentiated heavy lifting for you so you can get to market faster and focus on what drives customer value & revenue.

Developers & data analysts: Treat Venice as your unified database, piping data in & normalizing it into a unified API. Don’t worry about creating schema connectors, or cron jobs, or hosting infrastructure, or security. Let us be the backend so you can build the future faster; your customers will thank you.

Unified API

Stop recreating the wheel. The best API is Venice’s unified API with all the integrations you need built right in.

We build the data integrations & backend, you build:

  • customer-permissioned workflows to get the financial data you need
  • automated accounting
  • underwriting decision engines
  • the next Mint.com in a weekend
  • dashboards & charts
  • frontend apps
  • internal tools
  • no code apps (Bubble, Glide, Retool)
  • custom scripts
  • a million other things that move the needle for your business & customers

Don’t lose sleep over the complexities of data engineering and scaleable infrastructure. Focus on what really matters.

Simply powerful

The world is already built on GraphQL, now your financial data is too.

GraphQL is one of the world’s most powerful and commonly used languages to wrangle data on a daily basis (2nd only to Excel formulas & SQL). Rather than force you to learn yet another new way of doing things, Venice believes you should be able to access your data however you want.

Don’t let the API stop you, with Venice you can generate powerful queries for all your data needs and use cases.

Everything is ready in your Venice unified database.