While implementing your new Venice pipeline, you may want to run locally to test your changes.

Note: we welcome pull requests!

Localhost Quickstart

  1. Clone repo git clone git@github.com:usevenice/venice.git

  2. Make a copy of the .env.example file named .env

  3. Populate your environment keys:

If you have an existing Vercel CLI setup, you can pull your environment keys using:

vercel env pull --environment production .env.prod
  1. Install nvm & pnpm and then run:
nvm use 18 # Optional, we recommend node 18.x

pnpm preinstall
pnpm install
pnpm run web

Note: if you need to run database migrations, you can use:

pnpm run migration up # (optional) we support Postgres for now, but feel free to extend Venice and add more
  1. Visit http://localhost:3000

  2. Run the background scheduler in a new (separate) terminal

$ npx inngest-cli@latest dev

Pro Tips

  • Use shdotenv to load env vars from .env files
shdotenv -e .env.prod pnpm run web