How much does Venice cost?

We’ll be announcing formal pricing soon, but for now go create an account to get financial data in just a few minutes!

We’re still in the early days & support a wide variety of customers, but Venice aims to be affordable whether you’re a startup, large enterprise team, accounting firm, data analyst, or personal finance geek (like us).

Is Venice right for me?

Probably! Head over to our Use Cases to see all the ways people are using Venice to wrangle their financial data and give themselves superpowers.

What’s Venice’s mission & vision?


Enable the frictionless movement of financial data through the power of the open source community. Together, we want to give back 1 billion years of happy, stable life to the working class.


Venice is the “easy button” for launching a fully hosted integration, so you can focus on doing what you love while we handle all the hard stuff.

Why is it called Venice?

  1. First to pay homage to Venice as the birth place of modern accounting
  2. Second, the Venetian canals were used to transport goods, much like Venice’s data pipelines are used to transport data across the internet.